Tuesday, December 20, 2011

There goes 2011

There it goes, never to return...2011

It's almost a year ago that I last posted and unless I get some very fast skates on and code some very quick Assembly in the next week, this is likely to be the only post of 2011. Sorry about that.

That's not to say that I've not thought about and worked on (figuratively) NickOS, but the truth is, that I've made very little real progress.

One of the hurdles that had/has me stopped is what language for the OS. I had originally wanted to write it in Assembly for the sheer novelty, however, I figure that if I'm trying to do at least a half decent job, I need something more productive than Assembly. The trouble is, I also want to use something that embraces some of the thoughts on concurrency that have become popular once again over the past year or so. MVCC (multi version concurrency control) is something that intrigues me a lot, however, I struggle with its use at systems programming. I really like the idea of more 'managed code' like Java/C# over classic systems languages like C as they could provide a more robust product, but are they really a good fit?

Anyway, there's still plenty to think about so 2012 looks like another full on year. Let's hope the troubles in the world begin moving closer to closure rather than further from it.

Have a great Christmas and a very prosperous and joyful 2012.