Friday, August 6, 2010

Hello World

One of the first things that I guess anyone does, as with any other kind of programming, is to get your new code to print something to the screen. Some message, that gives you confidence that you're going in the right direction, that shows that you're you're finally getting it. So given that most people start with 'Hello World' when programming, I figured why not start this blog with that too.

But I'm not looking to write tutorials on assembly, the boot process of the PC platform or BIOS primitives to writing to the screen. What I want to give you, however, is to provide the pointers to resources (good resources) that already exist that would allow the would be OS programmer to get started. The tools that will help a new adventurer into OS development to 'get it', to give you the resources to carry on, to guide you in the right direction of discovery.

So think of this not as a how to for writing a basic boot loader, but rather a how to for getting started in writing your first boot loader. Two sites out there, if you haven't found them already, that I have found and continue to find invaluable are and Both of these sites are backed by a bunch of people who know a lot more than me and who are willing to share it with you. Both these sites, also have great forums | forums, which give you access to those same people, should their written work not be enough. Be sure to RTFM|T (read the fine manual|tutorial) before asking questions, but if you have a worthwhile question, you'll find these forums populated by people very willing to help

In addition to forums mentioned above, I have found newsgroups to be very helpful. As yet, I've not posted to these groups but just subscribing and reading the posts on many of the comp.* groups can be very enlightening. (try comp.lang.asm.x86 for starters.)

Here's the first screen of NickOS (verion 0.1 I called it, should probably not even have been that!), running inside Virtualbox. I originally ran it on Bochs, but I don't have it installed any longer and since I use Virtualbox to host other virtual OS's, I now just use it for my OS development too.

Not really 'Hello World' but serves the same purpose!

And that's it for now. I'll start pushing some of these links into a gadget so they're always there.

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